Weslo Cadence G 5.9

Weslo Cadence G 5.9
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4.0 / 5 stars
262 Real User Reviews
List Price: $449.99
Featuring 6 Personal Trainer Workouts, a 2-position manual incline and Comfort Cell™ Cushioning, this treadmill is the budget-edition tool for losing weight or increasing performance.


  • 20% VotesGreat treadmill for the price
  • 17% VotesEasy to assemble - most took about 40 minutes to 1 hour to assemble (although some need 2+ hours depend on your mechanical instinct) :)
  • 15% VotesPretty durable, solid built and sturdy (some use for 10 years and still going good)
  • 15% VotesFold up for easy storage and save space
  • 12% VotesThe motor is working under a quiet environment
  • 8% VotesEnough speed coverage - not everyone want to jog at constant 10mph speed for fitness.
  • 3% VotesIt's a compact and motorized treadmill
  • 2% VotesDoesn't overheat on long sessions (hours of usage)
  • 2% VotesYou can do Freehand walking, jogging, and slow running ( < 10mph)
  • 2% VotesBars for gripping in case you've lost your balance while running
  • 2% VotesThe belt is plenty wide and long enough for walk/jog
  • 2% VotesThe control panel is pretty intuitive and simple
  • 2% VotesYou create a DIY desk by overlaying the treadmill with some shelves (see accessories section below)


  • 22% VotesTreadmill arrived in a beat up box
  • 18% VotesYou have to assembly yourself using the manual book as the only guide
  • 12% VotesIf you want to run fast like being chase by ghost, this treadmill is not for you (seriously :) )
  • 9% VotesAutomatically stop after 99 minutes and 59 seconds of usage (without warning)
  • 9% VotesNo "real table" for putting big stuffs like laptop
  • 9% VotesNo built-in laptop or phone plugin
  • 6% VotesWeslo Cadence G 5.9 is designed for regular user, in a small apartment
  • 6% VotesThe control panel (console) has no backlighting (but still visible anyway)
  • 6% VotesOnly have two inclines and you have to manually set it (no push of button adjustment)
  • 3% VotesGet it out of the box is quite hard because it's so tight (difficult not tear the box)

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Benefits

Over 250+ of user voices, most of them agree that Weslo Cadence G 5.9 series is a great treadmill for the price. You can’t find any cheaper treadmill with a built as sturdy and solid as Weslo G 5.9. Any cheaper is like buying a bike without its wheels.

However, This is NOT the best treadmill for heavy runner. It’s only for walk (fast walking), jogging or slow running that doesn’t include heavy humping on the deck (or it will break if you are heavy enough). Its 2.25-HP impulse motor is not the fastest as well. Experts recommend us to own one with motor above 3 HP, but to tell you the truth, they are all expensive enough to make you scream. 🙂

If you are a frequent outdoor runner, you may find the belt size a little bit narrow at 16-inch. Common treadmill nowadays have 20-inch wide belt and 60-inch long running course. This treadmill indeed have its own plus and minus, however, the price has offset most of its weaknesses, offering only the bare minimum, but enough for daily short sweating session.

It’s also worth mention that you won’t get an automatic inclines feature (like a push of button) because you have to manually lift up the treadmill and adjust the inclines (only two settings: 1.5 percent and 6 percents) on its base.

Seriously, Treadmill Doctor (an expert, obviously) rate it really low with negative review. However, I found that most users are happy with it. On the flip side, lots of complains that I read is about the beat up box on arrival.

As if it was going through some harsh environment when shipping. But most said it’s only the box, the treadmill itself is safe from harm because it’s protected with cardboard, styrofoam and plastic wrapping.

One last common complain is that you have to assemble the treadmill by yourself. Some face problems, but some assemble it like toys (easy). The most challenging part when assembling is matching the nut holes. Luckily, some users offer advises that you can use to solve this problem. See below for more details.

So, what is the conclusion?

If you are asking for cheap, solid treadmill (minus the bells and whistles) — Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is a good choice.
Want a more advanced, sturdier, wider and premium (like the one in a luxury gym)? — look somewhere else. 🙂

Tips From Real Users

  1. You have to regularly clean the dust and sweat off if you want it to live longer. It will cause switch problem (on and off problems and speed problems)
  2. It will automatically shut off after 100 minutes, so you can use it like a walk in a park while playing with your phone or tablet. But watch out for the counter, it will stop instantly and throw you out of balance
  3. Never remove the console from the treadmill to avoid unwanted problem
  4. No desk? Create your own using a shelf by overlaying on top of it. As long as the desk is wider than the treadmill, you are good to go
  5. Some users received their packaging in bad condition (the box). Lots of tears on the outside, but inside was great, fully cushioned with styrofoam, wrapped in plastic and covered in cardboard
  6. When you have received broken parts, make sure to fully assembly the treadmill first before making a phone call to the support (make sure no other parts are broken). If you make phone call first, they will ask you to do the same thing anyway 🙂
  7. Replacement parts will arrive at your doorstep about 2-4 business days (depend on your location)
  8. You might need to get some help to prop the treadmill up. It will make assembling much easier
  9. You can put iPad in front of the panel, one short bottle at the left side cup holder, and books. However, it’s much better if you can get an addons for the desk (see accessories)
  10. Some users are just too lucky to be picked by the defected units (out of thousands units!). If you are the lucky one, make sure you are purchasing this treadmill from a reliable store (like the Big A?) Why? it’s much easier to refund and less cold calling & speaking with the “robot support” of the supplier
  11. Avoid this treadmill if you are weighting > 200lbs. Some users said it will start to squeaking on every steps
  12. If you face problem when trying to line up the bolt holes when assembling, try balancing the bottom of the treadmill with some books to lift it up. It will help you line it up easier

What's In The Box?

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill BoxYou will receive Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill in a box similar to the picture at the right side.

You have to assembly the treadmill yourself by using the manual book as your guidance. Some users with no technical experience admitted that they have spent approx. 1-2 hours to finish assembling.

Here is a user submitted unboxing video:

You can view the complete list of parts in the manual book, in case the box doesn’t include one, you can download it at the manual and warranty section below.

Remember not to throw away the box before fully tested the machine out for few weeks/months. In case it’s defected/broken and still in warranty, you can return it for refund or ask for replacement.

A lot of users discarded the box and found troublesome when trying to get a replacement or refund.5

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

[Click on the questions below to see their corresponding answers.]

How fast can I run on this treadmill?

treadmill console
The slowest speed is 1mph, while the fastest is 10mph. The speed control (+ and – button) on the console panel allow you to increase the speed at 1/2 mph on every press.

You can also speed up in the increment of 1 mph by pressing the numbers in the middle of the console.

Can I fold this treadmill to save space?

Yes, definitely. It has a fold up system for space saving. You can securely lock it on the frame using a storage latch at the left side of the frame.


What is the weight of the machine? How is the capacity?

This treadmill is about 75 lbs, capable of supporting weight up to 250 lbs. When this product arrive at your home, you might need someone to help you move it into your house.

Also, a bit of advise is that if you are weighing more than 200 lbs, this machine is only suitable for walking, not jogging or running. It’s much better for you to find other treadmill with stronger supporting base.

Does it have a timer?

Yes, it has timer for each workout program. However, it’s not adjustable by user. There are six personal trainer workout programs with different timers, and will automatically shut off at the end of the programmed routine.

Warranty & Manual Books

Manual Book

There is only 1 PDF found for Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill.


This treadmill comes with 1-year limited warranty for the motor and 90 Days for Parts & Labor.
Extended Warranty is also available if you contact customer service by phone, but I have no data on how much is the pricing and what option is available.

However, some online store will provide easy extended warranty add-on on the checkout page (e.g. Walmart).

Optionally, Weslo is also recommending Universal Technical Service (https://www.utserv.com) with the price starting from $29.99 for 1-year extended warranty, and up to $89.99 for 4-year extended warranty.

General Information




Cadence G 5.9


$549.99 - Click here to find latest price

Item Model Number


Shipping Weight

Between 117 - 123 pounds


> 6 Preset workouts
> Thumb pulse detector
> 2 Height Settings
> LCD non-backlit (blue-tinted) display shows time, speed, distance, calories burned and scans pulse
> Built-in accessory tray and reading rack

Technical Specs

Weight Capacity

250 lbs / 113.4 kg

Horse Power

2.25 HP

Speed Range

1 to 10 MPH

Belt Size

16-inch x 50-inch

Power Consumption

120V, 600 - 700 Watts
Expert's talk: about $1 a day if you run few hours a day

Manual incline degree

Up to 5%

Dimension (L x W x H)

Approx. 64-1/2" x 29" x 55-1/2"

Manufacturer Details


Icon Health and Fitness

Official Website



ICON Health & Fitness
Customer Service Department
1500 South 1000 West
Logan, UT 84321

Live Map

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Other Information

Amazon.com Best Sellers Rank

#1 in Treadmills (best selling)

Release Date

October 2010

Written by

Hardware Sphere

Last Update

Sept 18, 2014 at 11:54 AM

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