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3.8 / 5 stars
465 Real User Reviews
List Price: $549.99
The best compact motorized treadmill for budget strict runners. Supporting up to 10km/h of motorized speed, easy foldable for space saving, and convenient LED based display.


  • 21% VotesSmall and Lightweight
  • 14.5% VotesEasy to assemble - practically almost fully assembled out of the box
  • 14.5% VotesSpace Saving - fold up option with compact design
  • 12.9% VotesInexpensive / budget friendly
  • 9.7% VotesPortable - There are wheels at the rear side. You can move it around easily
  • 9.7% VotesAmazing customer support at Golf Outlet USA
  • 9.7% VotesIt doesn't make loud sound (quiet operation)
  • 8.1% VotesRemovable handlebars for modification (transforming into a treadmill desk)


  • 23.7% VotesBecause it's narrow and short, it's not for avid runners (but suitable for walker or jogger)
  • 21.1% VotesIt stops after 30 minutes of activity and I have to restart it manually (and it could jolt/throw you out of balance) - see tips section for idea on how to solve this problem
  • 13.2% VotesThe treadmill belt tend to migrate to the sides when using (see tips below to solve this problem)
  • 7.9% VotesIt's not made for running or heavy stomping (not really kids friendly)
  • 7.9% VotesHandle bars are too low to hold by tall people
  • 5.3% VotesThe beeping sound is too loud (apply some glue to supress the sound)
  • 5.3% VotesIt's an underpower version of treadmill
  • 5.3% VotesNo shock absorber built-in - it's potential to put stress on the joints
  • 5.3% VotesIt put out a significant heat from the machine when working
  • 2.6% VotesThe console is way too simple and cheap looking
  • 2.6% VotesThe alarm is quite loud and annoying

Budget treadmill with solid built – that the first phrase most users will speak up if you ask them. Confidence Power Plus (Motorized Electric) treadmill is not the best of the best in term of features and specification, but its simplicity and price tag combo has offset its weakness.

Currently sitting on the TOP 10 best seller treadmills at Amazon, and I’m sure it’s there not for nothing. Yes, it’s cheap, entry level, no super duper features like automatic inclination, pulse detector, deck treatment, etc. But it will get the jobs done.

No, you can’t run fast on this treadmill. That’s the only caveat of low-end or budget version of this machine.

The most obvious benefit of this item is that you can get it for under $200, which is ultra cheap when you compare it with some premium type of treadmill. Yes, they can easily cost your thousands to buy the monster (monster? because they are big and heavy).

The second benefit is that this Confidence Power Plus is pretty lightweight, and portable. If you haven’t watch the demo video, you should watch it. Either scroll up and click the “play” button, or click here to watch.

See how easy it was? You can unfold and fold with ease, and you can pull it away like a suitcase. You definitely can’t treat high-end treadmill, except you are bulky built with many pounds of muscles 😉

So, another benefits of this particular treadmill is the ease of use, no confusing buttons to push, simple reading for speed, times, distances and calories burnt. You can also customize this machine by removing the top frame, moving the console and install a table (attention! this is for advanced users only!)

So geekier users have their top frame removed and it’s pretty cool when you can stuff it together with a work desk. Some examples:

confidence treadmill modification - remove top bars

See how cool is that? 🙂

I will update with the tips from real customers soon. They shared the best tips to make the full use of this treadmill!

What's In The Box?

Confidence Power Plus Box

The box is a pretty plain cardboard packaging, but the treadmill is pretty well-protected from inside. Bunch of Styrofoam, and the treadmill is wrapped in plastic bag.

unboxing confidence treadmill

Once unpacked, you will find yourself with a mini booklet (manual book) that explain things you should know before switching the power on, and some parts (stored in a plastic seal bag) as follow:

  • 1 piece of M6 inner hexagonal spanner
  • 1 piece of M6x40 inner hexagonal screw
  • 1 piece of M12x50 inner hexagonal screw
  • 1 piece of Magnetic switch

If you read the technical specs at the sidebar, you will find that this treadmill have a non-standard dimension. It’s largely because of the budget edition that cause the treadmill to be shorter, and narrower than ordinary treadmill.

Assembling this treadmill is extremely easy, though. You can consult to the manual book for assembling guide. In just few minutes, the treadmill is ready to use (as opposed to some models that require hours of assembly).

Just in case the company forget to include the book, you can download it on the manual and warranty section below.

Here is a demo video on how to unfold the the machine:

It’s simple and straightforward process.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

[Click on the questions below to see their corresponding answers.]

What is the Power Consumption of this treadmill?

It’s using 600W motor, but the manual says it’s only 500 Watts when in use. You also need to check on the voltage. This treadmill is using 110V.

Is there anyway for disabled the 30-minute auto stop?

I afraid not. It’s been programmed into the console with fixed duration and there is no setting for it. Some feel annoyed, but restarting on every stop is very easy and instantly.

If you are fans of Pomodoro technique, this kind of setting might actually help you out a lot as you will need to stop every 25 to 30 minutes to take rest and recalibrate your focus. 😉

Can I fold it up? Is it compact enough to be slipped into some narrow area?

Yes, Definitely. If you have watched the video (at top) you might already have the clue. As for how ‘compact’ it is, check out this photo below:

compact size treadmill

So, what do you think? 🙂

By the way, that one above is the white version of Confidence power plus. There are three color choices: Black, white, and pink

confidence treadmill color choices

Is this treadmill for tall people?

Yes, you should be able to use it just fine. But it’s a little be narrow, and if you have a habit of holding the handle when running, you might feel weird (it’s lower and you have to bend your body to reach).

Can I run on this budget treadmill?

IF your body weight is in the “skinny” range, you can run on it just find. However, if you are average or above average, it’s better for walking only.

A lot of users with higher weight range complains that the treadmill will start to squeaking if they run on it.

Confidence Power Plus treadmill comes with a bottle of oil. What is it for?

It’s a lubricant oil to smooth the belt. Here is a tips from user on how to use it:

“Loosen the belt using the adjustment hex bolts at the back, lift up the belt, and squirt the oil underneath. This will make the unit run quieter. Amazon sells replacement bottles of lubricant and you should probably re-lube every few months, depending on use.”

What is the inclines on this treadmill?

This machine doesn’t have adjustable inclines. But it did come with default 5% inclines (it’s not really flat on default).

You can use a wooden block to fit under the last support bar at the read side to make a flat walking surface.

But you need to make sure that the wood is strong enough to handle the total weight.

How to operate the console and set the speed for a constant pace?

On the first usage, a lot of users were confused by the increasing pace of the treadmill. This could be solved by pressing the “Red Button” (also means to restart the console).

Confidence power plus treadmill console

It will start at the slowest pace of walking after 3 loud beeps (countdown 3-2-1), and you can hoop on it and press the speed button to increase the pace slowly. This will let you walk (or slow run) with constant pace you’ve set.

Warranty & Manual Books

Manual Book

Below is the PDF manual for Confidence Power Plus Treadmill. It’s a scan, so don’t expect professional layout (and you might need to bend your head to read it) 😉


This treadmill comes with 1-year limited warranty for the motor and replacement parts.

Sadly, we couldn’t confirm if this treadmill have extended warranty or not. However, some users review stated they have got a 3-year warranty for about $25 add up to the price. But I can’t find the source for your right now. Will update with more information once the importer have replied our email.

General Information






$549.99 - Click here to find latest price



Machine Weight

49 pounds

Shipping Weight

Between 53 - 57 pounds


> Adjustable speed via push of buttons
> Multi function LED Display showing speed, distance, time, calories and scan between all
> Folding design for easy storage
> Compact Design with simple console interface

Technical Specs

Weight Capacity

250 lbs / 113.4 kg

Horse Power

1.5 HP

Speed Range

1 to 8 MPH (actual: max speed at 7.5 MPH)

Belt Size

14-inch x 38.5-inch

Power Consumption

110V, 500 Watts
Expert's talk: about $1 a day if you run few hours a day

Dimension (L x W x H)

Approx. 49" x 24" x 11"

Manufacturer Details


[Made In China]

Imported by:

Golf Outlet USA, Shop247 (Amazon seller)

Official Website


Golf Outlets of America, Inc
16 Sunset Way #110
Henderson, NV 89014

Live Map

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Other Information Best Sellers Rank

#4 in Treadmills (was #3)

Release Date

June, 2011

Written by

Hardware Sphere

Last Update

Sept 25, 2014 at 01:54 PM

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