Top 5 Best Selling Elliptical Machines

Want To Buy An Elliptical Machine or Elliptical Trainer?

The schedule is getting tighter for most people, and often, we are forced to not having exercise regularly. When you get back from work, it’s already late. Going to the local gym to work out and you’ll return midnight.

It’s very challenging to do it regularly. But we must always strive to exercise properly for health reason.
That’s why it’s very popular now to own a personal machine of your choice, and do your training at home instead of going out.

One of the most popular type of personal trainer is an elliptical trainer. It’s one of cheaper version of trainer (when you compare with a treadmill!) and most of the time, it’s also space saving (depend on your chosen model).

Here, you’ll be looking at 5 best sellers of elliptical trainers. Most of them are cherry picked by buyers, and most of them has good feedback from real customers.

However, as a guide for you to determine which elliptical machine is best for you, I’ve written a short buying guide to assist you.

Elliptical Trainer: What You Should Look For?

From its first impression, an elliptical machine may look simplistic. However, it’s one of the most versatile machine to use. One of the most important thing to look for is the weight capacity of this elliptical trainer. You need to make sure it could support your starting weight.

Next, you’ll want to check the detail of the stride length. You may need a longer stride if you are a tall person. Average only coming with 20 inches length, so you’ll need to make sure there is any adjustable stride.

Another thing is the range of resistance levels, as well as the incline. Those will help you increase your training intensity when you feel the normal workout is not your level anymore.

Few more things to consider including:

Workout Program presets

Some more expensive elliptical machines come with interesting workout programs and you can choose base on your need. If your goal is to lose weight, find something that has fat burning program, or core training program. It’s important to know though, the more preset the higher the price will be. Some budget friendly and simple elliptical machine usually will not have this feature, sadly.


Midstream elliptical trainers also got a bunch of monitoring indicators. The most common readout you’ll get is Calorie burned, duration, and some models will have heart rate monitor as well.


This is the extra things that is good to have, but not a necessity for your workout. These things including water bottle holder, cooling fans, some even have speaker where you can jack your MP3 player in and play your favorite music while doing workout. They can be easily substituted, but not bad if you can get it without extra money.

The last thing is obviously the warranty options. Make sure it’s not the low grade product with just 1-2 months of warranty because most of those are some knockout products. Of course, there are few gems hidden in the mud, but it’s not easy to find it.

But no worry, what I provided here are all supported with nice warranty option from the manufacturer. 😉

So that’s it. Head on to the top of this page and click on any elliptical trainer that interest you. I’ve provided a complete data for each of them to help you cut your research time. 🙂

Happy Shopping!

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